Charity Live stream

safe back at base.

On Friday the 11th of September at 1900z we are doing another 24hr charity live stream on my youtube channel. We are raising money for the charity “Mind” to help those suffering with mental health issues.

Eagle Dynamics, the creators of DCS World, have agreed to support and we will have some interviews with some of their staff and they have been very generous and provided us with 10 modules, of our choice, to give away.

It will be a tough challenge, playing such a high fidelity simulator for such a long period is a struggle. However, for those of us doing it, we will be driven by the desire to help others and make sure we smash our donation target.

We will try to be as entertaining as we can, any support you can give will be greatly appreciated. See you in the virtual skies.

2 thoughts on “Charity Live stream

  1. Hey Pascale, I just want to say thanks for doing the 24 hour stream, sadly I missed it but look forward to your next stream, as someone who struggles with mental health its such an amazing thing to see people from the dcs community and of course other gaming communites do these types of things to raise money and awareness. your help goes a long way, especially the dcs tutorials on your youtube channel, I cant wait to get started learning dcs with them, i struggle with playing multiplayer games most of the time as my people skills are not so great but Im hoping to get into dcs multiplayer at some point with the help of your tutorials. again thanks! people like you are really what make gaming communities great!


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