About Pascale

Let me kick this off by saying first of all that my name isn’t actually Pascale. It is a hang over from my days on Xbox live, but I thought why not carry it with me in the digital arena.

I am an Ex RAF Fighter control instructor (GCI), when I left we were ‘officially’ referred to as Aerospace Battle Managers. These days they are called Multi Domain Tactical Air Command and Control Practitioners (MDTACCP). Regardless, we control fast jets to intercept aircraft and manage CAS assets.

I spent two operational tours of Afghanistan and throughout my time in the RAF I intercepted everything from civilians to Russians. Incidentally I was the first fighter controller to intercept a Russian aircraft with the Typhoon.

First time this ever happened…and it shouldn’t have…more on that another time.

When I left the RAF I moved overseas and I work for a large defence contractor. I still instruct GCI to a foreign military and have rewritten entire courses on the various subjects we teach. I carried this passion into DCS where I created the Tactical Pascale youtube channel. This was then followed by me creating the Tactical Pascale Discord group. As I wanted it to be more of a community I changed the name into Tactical DCS, although I kept the “TP” initials in the white space of the logo i designed.

I like to try and help people with DCS, the modules can be confusing or comms daunting. The videos I create cover many real world procedures or comms, however, none of them break any security clearances, I ensure everything is open source material.

That’s me, thanks for taking the time to read. See you in the virtual skies.

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